Ceymed Healthcare Services (Pvt) Ltd | Ceymed Hospital Services (Pvt) Ltd

Ceymed Healthcare Services (Pvt) Ltd., which was established in 2001 is one of the leading diagnostic service providers in the country. With 10 fully equipped laboratories and over 250 collection centres located across the nation, Ceymed caters to the discerning customer and provides a service that is friendly, personal and ensures an efficient and accurate service.

Our Main Services

  • 24 Hour OPD
  • 24 Hours Pharmacy
  • 24 Hours Laboratory
  • Channel Service Covers a wide range of Specialties
  • X-Ray / Dental X-Ray (Digital)
  • E C G – Electrocardiography
  • Echo Cardiogram
  • Ultra Sound Scanning / Doppler scanning
  • E E G – Electroencephalography
  • And More...